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Learn Auslan – More frequently used words

Here are some more signs that are often used in conversation:


  • Interesting
  •  Clever (I show the handshape – thumb up)
  •  Stupid
  • Dangerous
  • Little
  • Big
  • Give
  • Take
  • Fast
  • Slow/long
  • Enough
  • Wait

In the video, I’m a bit over-enthusiastic in signing ‘dangerous’. Really, doing two shakes of my hand is more correct. Note, this is similar to the sign for ‘sorry’, but with ‘sorry’, your fingers are more spread out. Also, when I do the sign for ‘enough’ I should have just done two rotations.

Learn Auslan – Pronouns

Learn Auslan pronouns. In Auslan, pronouns are not gender-specific. Mostly, they involve pointing at a person or object.


  • Me (use this for ‘I’ as well)
  • My
  • Mine
  • You
  • Your
  • Yours
  • You’re
  • Here
  • There
  • That/he/she/it (I show three examples of pointing.)

When using these words in conversation, point to the person or thing. If the person or thing is not there, invent a location for them them in space and make sure you continue to point to the same spot for the rest of the conversation.

You might notice that it can be pretty hard to understand sign language if you come in on a conversation in the middle. That’s because often a speaker will set up spaces and words at the beginning of a conversation, and then just do a lot of pointing to convey meaning after that.

Learn Auslan – Cities and weather

This week’s Auslan signs are a mixed bag. We’ve got some major international cities, and some signs to help you communicate about the weather.

* Paris
* New York
* London
* Rome
* nature
* snow
* rain
* wind
* storm
* sun
* wet
* dry

Looking Out… Looking In… an exhibition about Deafness


When I was growing up, my deafness was marginally more interesting to me than, say, my freckles. It was not something I focussed on, nor was it central to my identity. I just accepted that I was ‘damaged goods’ and assumed it would take a very kind person in my future to marry me! These days my take on Deafness is very different. I’ve been exploring what it means for me to be Deaf, and together with Irene Holub, have created an art exhibition which reflects this journey. If you’re in Melbourne, I would love you to come and see it.

It’s at St Helier Street Gallery at Cam’s Cafe
Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Helier Street, Abbotsford

Please join us for drinks on opening night: Friday 2 Sept 6pm
Exhibition runs until 28th Sept.

RSVP here.