Raw garlic to cure colds and flu

Since I discovered raw garlic to fend off colds and flu I’ve had way fewer illnesses than before.  A few times I’ve felt a really big nasty coming on real fast, and thanks to a few cloves of garlic I actually nipped them in the bud.  Eating raw garlic has also prevented my sore throats from getting to that absolutely terrible I-can’t-bear-to-swallow-or-be-alive stage which I used to go through a few times a year, and it’s also fended off that horrible nose-and-eyes-drip-constantly mid-part of a cold.  It doesn’t always work – if your immune system is trashed, see traditional foods for how to build it up again.

So, here’s how I take it.  It’s got to be fresh raw garlic – I don’t buy capsules or powder or anything like that.  If I chew it, I’ll have garlic breath for hours with even a single chomp of my front teeth, and it seems to cause stomach upsets sometimes too – go figure.  I get small cloves and swallow them whole, if possible, but crush them a bit first so they don’t come out completely undigested. I make sure the cloves are very small so there’s no risk of choking.  I usually chew up a decent mouthful of food, then just before I swallow, I pop the garlic in the back of my mouth and swallow it down with the rest of the food.  If I can’t get small enough cloves, I chop the garlic into pieces and swallow them down with water, without chewing.  If I do it this way, I always eat something first to line my stomach so it’s not too full on.

To make it more appealing for my child, I mix finely chopped pieces with honey before swallowing down with water.  If my stomach is sensitive, I take the garlic with food, and avoid chewing it. I think bigger pieces seem to cause less stomach upset than smaller pieces.

I’ve heard some people take a clove of raw garlic once a week as a preventative measure.  If I feel a real nasty coming on, I try to take three cloves of garlic between the first symptoms and when I go to bed for the night.  In the morning, I take another one, and by mid afternoon I usually feel heaps better.  I continue with one or two a day till my bug has gone.  Sometimes I feel the beginnings of a mild sore throat or a tingle in my nose, and in that case, often a single clove of garlic is enough to have me better by morning.

While I don’t get garlic breath from taking garlic in this way, twenty-four hours later, if I fart, it’ll stink like garlic, and if I’ve had a few doses, even my wee and sweat smell like garlic.  This is kinda gross, but I believe it’s far less gross than oozing snot for the next two weeks.

I’ve noticed best results if I rest at the same time.  Eating garlic and resting in the face of a nasty cold seems to throw it off without it even reaching its peak.  If it’s a mild one sometimes I can cheat and keep working full tilt, thanks to the garlic, but it sometimes comes back after a few days.  So I tuck myself into bed with a book for the afternoon or turn off the light earlier at night.  Goodluck!

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PPS I am not a doctor, and the tips on my blog are simply things that have worked for me – they cannot be taken in place of medical advice.