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This course started as a few quick videos to help a friend learn Auslan. is course is free because I want Auslan to be easily accessible to everyone, and I want to improve the lives of Deaf people who will benefit as more hearing people learn Auslan. I also want to make Auslan accessible to deaf people who are interested in learning to sign, as learning Auslan was life-changing for me.

I was astonished when over 15,000 people signed up for my course! There’s a lot of you out there, who want to learn Auslan.

However, the course takes up a lot of my time. Students email with questions, technical problems happen constantly, and there is a significant overhead involved in managing a course/site with so many students. It costs me money as I pay people to help sort out all the issues that come up, and it costs me time as I try to troubleshoot myself.

I have resisted the suggestion that I monetise the course through advertising, because I am philosophically opposed to living in a world full of ads.

Would you consider chipping in some money to help me run this course?

If you are benefitting from this course, if you want to help this endeavour to create a world that is more accessible for Deaf people, and support my mission to make Auslan available to everyone for free, I would really appreciate a donation.

How much should you donate?

Think about what you’d pay to attend a live course of a similar quality and content. VicDeaf charges $235 for their six week live course. I’m not saying you should pay that to me. Pay what you can afford and what you feel it’s worth. Your dollars will be well spent, I promise.

What do you reckon?

If you’re happy to make a contribution, you can do so right here:

Thank you so very much,


PS If you’d like to access the Auslan course, you can do so here.