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To those who have been learning Auslan from me, and those who want to support my mission of getting Auslan out there into the hands of everyone,

What started as a few quick videos to help a friend learn Auslan has turned into an epic project with over 11,000 students registered on Facebook and a good many of them signed up for the email version. Wow! Who knew so many people wanted to learn Auslan?! I’m now thinking about the future. There’s heaps more I can add to this course. Lots of signs I can teach, more tidbits of Deaf culture and insights into Deafness I can share.

Would you consider chipping in some money to help me run this course?

Depending on how much money I receive, here’s what I’ll do with it:

  • Add more videos, doubling or tripling the content I’ve already posted.
  • Accomodate requests such as making the videos slower.
  • Reimburse myself for my time and some of the costs I’ve paid out of my own pocket, such as subtitling and technical assistance.
  • Pay a service provider such as Mailchimp to send lessons to all my students (with so many students, this is expensive!).
  • Set up an automated lesson enrolment service so that new students receive the lessons in order, instead of having to catch up to where the current batch of students are at.
  • Provide the course with its own set of web pages and resource links.
  • Make more resources about Deafness such as infographics about what it means to be Deaf.
  • I may even compile everything into an ebook and make it available on DVD.

How much should you donate?

Think about what you’d pay to attend a live course of a similar quality and content. VicDeaf charges $235 for their six week live course. I’m not saying you should pay that to me. Pay what you can afford and what you feel it’s worth. Your dollars will be well spent, I promise.

What do you reckon?

If you’re happy to make a contribution, you can do so right here:

Thank you so very much,



PS If you’d like to access the Auslan course, you can do so here.