IMG_8265 I paint quirky, sweet characters who’ll touch you and inspire you. I like to represent those of us who are different, to remind us that inclusion is for everyone. My work is available online in my shop.
 IMG_8265 I am the author of The Grimstones – an award winning junior fiction book series featuring my family of handmade gothic puppets.
 IMG_8265 I’m teaching a free online course in Auslan – Australian Sign Language. Learn basic signs in bite-sized lessons of around ten signs each.

My art journal is my best friend, my life coach and a visual extravaganza. I’ve developed a method of lazy journaling that still results in a stunning book. Learn online here.


The book I’m currently working on, Future Girl, will be the art journal of the main character, who is Deaf. To be notified when it’s released, please subscribe to my mailing list.


I’ve written many articles about living a sustainable life, living creatively, and more. You’ll find them all via my guide to my blog.


What's New

I’ve made a the big and difficult decision to drop my prices! This is because I hate being part of a sales and marketing engine and I want to make my pieces as affordable as possible. I would give them away for free if I could, but sadly I need to actually eat and cover my costs. Check out my new, much cheaper pieces here.

Looking Out, Looking In

Looking Out Looking In save the date-1

I’m having an exhibition with my friend Irene Holub, at the St Helier Street Gallery at Abbotsford Convent in Sept. The exhibition, Looking Out, Looking In, will be our explorations into Deaf identity, assimilation and acceptance. The opening will be on Friday 2 Sept at 6pm, so for those of you in Melbourne, save the date!

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