Food flower poster to replace the food pyramid

Food flower poster to replace the food pyramid

Forget the food pyramid!  It was developed by the agricultural industry, not by nutritionists.  Print out the above poster instead, which shows traditional foods and how to eat them so you feel really satisfied and have great health.

Since I started eating this way, so many of my health problems have fallen away: period pain has disappeared, skin wrinkles suddenly smoothed out, warts disappeared, tinea (foot fungus) has ended after fifteen years, and generally when I get a cold or the flu I can fight it off quickly and easily, unlike before.

I made this poster because it’s a simple, visual way to show kids how to choose good foods to eat.  But I realised it’s probably a good guide for adults or anyone just getting started on traditional foods.

The poster above is high resolution, ready for you to print out A4 size, cut it along the “bleed lines”, laminate and stick to your fridge.  Click on it to open the full size image, and save it to your harddrive.  Enjoy!