Book of your Dreams eCourse

Want to create an art journal that’s your best friend, life coach and a visual extravaganza? Learn how with this downloadable e-course.


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What this method of journaling will offer you:

Following my design, you will make a super-strong book where the pages lie flat, the spine can be folded back on itself without damage, and there’s space to store collage supplies inside.

It will be a dynamic, complex, layered book that is a work of art as a whole, right from the start.

Learn to use your journal as a tool to help you get the most out of your life, through planning and goal setting. It will replace your organiser or diary.

Your journal will make a jaw-dropping first impression on people who open its cover, and they will be intrigued to see more. Build meaningful connections with people through its content.

You’ll be able to scrawl in your journal lazily and still enjoy a book that is a magnificent visual feast, made richer for these raw entries.

Avoid retrospective journaling, which is never as fun as engaging with the here and now.

Use your journal as a place for total, open self-expression, using my techniques to maintain your privacy and create a book you can proudly show your friends and acquaintances.

Create your journal using simple, inexpensive tools and supplies, such as office paper, found papers, scrapbook paper, art paper, gaffer tape and an upcycled children’s book. Stitch it with a sewing machine or by hand with a needle and thread.

Receive downloadable templates, printables and a bonus collage pack – a collection of my own artwork that you can print in full colour to use in your journal.

Become a member of my secret Facebook group and join a community of art journalers who inspire and help and encourage one another. I post my journal pages with mini tutorials on how to create similar pages.

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What will your journal look like?

Your journal will be unique, because it’s made by you and filled with your self-expression, interests, passions and life experiences.  The construction of the book capitalises on this and presents a visual smorgasboard that showcases all your journaling techniques in a vibrant, layered fashion.

To explain what I mean, here’s a flip through of one of mine:

Who is this e-course for?

If you are an adult or teenager who is interested in art journaling, this course is for you.

If you’re of primary school age, you’ll probably need help from an adult to construct your journal, but then you’ll be set to experiment with self-expression and other journaling techniques taught in this course.

If you are a complete beginner, this course will hold your hand and take you step by step through the process of making your very first journal, guiding you in how to use it effectively for self-expression, life management and creative experimentation.

If you are an experienced art journaler, this course will provide techniques and ideas to bring together all your skills, styles and experiments into a cohesive, dynamic package, enabling you to get more from your journal and creative life. My method of book construction and preparation is unique and will form the perfect basis from which you can apply ideas learnt from other courses and artists. You’ll find it solves many common journaling problems, such as how to avoid journaling retrospectively, how to maintain privacy while still being able to show your journals in pubic, and how to journal in a lazy, raw fashion which adds edginess to your journal, rather than lowering its visual beauty.

If you get intimidated by a blank page but want to make art or express yourself creatively, sign up now. This course has the answers!

You don’t need any special skills for this course beyond simple stitching, cutting and pasting – just a desire to dive in and have a go.  Access to a sewing machine and the ability to use it is a bonus but not essential.

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Who teaches this e-course?

This course is taught by me, Asphyxia, an artist and writer, author and co-illustrator of seven published books. Through over thirty years of experimentation in my own art journals, I have devised a method of journaling that is completely unique and solved many of the journaling struggles I have faced, such as feeling intimidated by the blank page, not liking retrospective journaling, journaling when I am lazy and tired but not wanting the rough results to lower the wow-factor of my book.

I’ve worked out tips and tricks to make the book look as interesting, complex and layered as possible, while still being simple to work in on a daily basis. I’ve discovered how to make an incredible first impression on others and delight myself every day with a journal that draws people in with its beauty when the cover is opened.

When I visit people for dinner, it’s not uncommon for them to ask me to bring along my art journals!

What one student said:

‘This course has changed my life! It is a generous and rich process that you are sharing with us, Asphyxia. It has been very powerful for me. My journal carries its own energy and came with a huge spurt of focus and joyous creating, reflecting, selecting, responding, noodling and doodling. It is very much a grounding and connecting tool which joins together things that seem so random.

Suddenly, when held in the physical form of the journal and linked visually, they make enormous sense and fitting and belonging together. It is hard to express how it works. It feels like magic. It manifests the workings of the unconscious, so that they can be read more plainly. The pages of these journals can capture all kinds of moments and moments layered on each other in potent ways.

No matter how many times I go back to my journal and meander through its pages, it still speaks loudly to me. I found my own style based on your format and process, and developed my own journaling habits with it.

Asphyxia, I’m so grateful for your generous guidance and insight and creative abundance in leading me so skilfully through this process!’

– Niki na Meadhra

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The technical stuff:

The e-course is formatted as an ebook, complete with colour photographs and videos demonstrating each lesson. There is no speaking in the videos, so it is fully accessible for deaf people.

This e-course comes in a choice of formats:

– an ePub which can be used on tablets and iPads, or accessed via iBooks on a Mac computer/device.

– a PDF which is accessed using Adobe Acrobat DC (a free download, previously called Adobe Reader, available for both Mac and PC).

When you purchase this course, you will immediately receive a link to download both options. Please note that I am not available for technical trouble-shooting. It is your own responsibility to set up one of the above platforms on which you can read the e-book and watch the videos.

Interested but not quite sure?

If after making your journal and using it daily for three months, you feel this course didn’t deliver what I promised, I’ll not only refund every cent, but I’ll pay you half the cost of the course.  So you can’t lose. You’ll either make money, or, even better, you’ll end up with a journal that is your best friend, life coach and visual extravaganza.  The latter, my friend, is priceless, I promise you.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Sign up today – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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