I’m back!

Hello! I’m back. Well, I’ve been lurking here a little bit as I accidentally ended up in the driver’s seat of a campaign to get open captions into cinemas so that deaf and hard of hearing people can enjoy movies too. But other than that, I’ve LOVED my cyberbreak. I can’t tell you how good it was to switch off from email and cyberspace in general.

I got on a mega-mega flow with my art. OMG – inspiration hit, big time. I’ve been working on two projects at the same time:

– a series I’m gonna call Into The Unknown, which is all about travel,

– and a series of lino-print paintings about being Deaf.

I haven’t got lots to show yet, since these are biggish ideas that are going to take me a while to bring to fruition. But I’m beyond excited about both of them.


Into The Unknown has involved carving about a million new rubber stamps. Well, 23 of them to be precise. But when you’ve done about 10 stamps they all blur together and 23 suddenly equals 1 million. I admit, I’ve got stamp-fatigue. But when you see them together I think you’ll agree the effort will have been worth it.

To take a break from carving stamps, I’ve been carving lino-prints. Hmm… Perhaps not such a break afterall. I find the lino somewhat heavy going. It’s harder to cut than rubber and hurts my fingers. And yet it’s strangely addictive and once I start I simply cannot bear to stop. Come into my studio and talk to me mid-carve, and I’ll fob you off, I tell you. Actually, I’ll set you loose on my journals. You can flip through them while I work.

And then I went to the beach and did nothing but read and swim for a few days. Oh yes. Good stuff indeed.

Well that’s me, folks. What did you do with your January? Anything creative? Any new year’s resolutions to tell me about?

I’m going to get fit. Ha! I got a step counter and am horrified to discover how very sedentary I am. Apparently moving from my art bench to my sink and back doesn’t rack up many steps, and I’m supposed to do 10,000 of them to be ‘active’. Eek.

But, yeah, that’s me. Now tell me about you!

One thought on “I’m back!

  1. Jacqueline morris

    I went onto tube and brought up your video, but it didn’t have any settings icon for me to click on to alter the speed.



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