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Learn Auslan – Feelings

Here are some signs that describe emotions:


• Feel / feelings
• Like
• Don’t like (this is the sign for like but with your facial expression you show the opposite)
• Happy
• Sad
• Cranky/bad mood
• Cry
• Confused
• Angry
• Enjoy
• Smile
• Love
• Hate
• Fun/funny
• Laugh
• Bored (for the handshape, touch forefinger and thumb together to make a ring)
• Pissed off (same handshape as ‘bored’)

In Auslan, facial expression is very important. A conversation cannot be understood by watching the hands alone. You will see in the video my face changes with every sign. When you are using these signs in conversation, your face needs to show the emotion for the signs to make sense.

In fact, the facial expression can inform the meaning of the sign. The sign LIKE is used for both LIKE and DON’T-LIKE, depending on your facial expression.

It can be difficult for English-speakers to loosen up and learn to use appropriate facial expressions in Auslan – it can feel very over-the-top. However, for Auslan signers, it can seem bizarre that an English-speaking newsreader on television will describe terrible events using a perfectly bland face.

Practise signing the above vocab, using appropriate facial expressions.