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Learn to do art like in my books

If you like my book, Future Girl / The Words in My Hands, and are interested to do some art journaling along those lines, you might like to try my art therapy course, Pour Your HeART Out. In this video I talk about what you’ll get from the course and show snippets of the course content.

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Art therapy for hard times

I have gone through several periods of hard times in my life, and each time I have wanted some kind of gentle art therapy to engage in, but at those times, I have felt too stressed or overwhelmed to adequately guide myself with my own art therapy. 

Eventually, by accident, I struck on an art therapy process that worked for me, was engaging enough that I was able to do it for months at a stretch, was easy enough that I could do it when tired and overwhelmed, and was encouraging enough that it consistently boosted my mood.

I used that process to make a book that explored my experience with chronic illness. It was very cathartic and also valuable, as when I have shared the book with others, they have gained an insight into what it is like for me.

Check out the book in this video flip through.

I found this process so incredibly valuable that I ended up making a course, Pour Your HeART Out, which teaches you how you can take your own life and use therapeutic steps to turn it into a book that expresses your experiences. Sign up for the course here.

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Introducing Pour Your HeART Out!

I’m really excited to introduce a project I have been working on for a while… my new online art therapy course, Pour Your HeART Out! If you like my art and would like to dive into a creative journaling process, this course is for you.

If you’ve already done my course, Make the Book of your Dreams, you’ll love this course – it provides all new material to expand your journaling practice. It’s suitable for both experienced artists and complete beginners – anyone who fancies to get more creativity into their day in bite-sized sessions of just 15 minutes.

In this video I talk about the course and give you a little taste of what you will get from it.

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Sign up for the course here.