Reference materials for GarageBand Songwriting for Deaf and HoH

This page contains files you can print out or save to a folder, to refer to while you are making music and working through this course. It contains all the reference materials I wish I had had when I was starting out. I suggest you print them and place them in a folder which you grab each time you work on your music.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand these references or how to use them now. Read the glossary now to get an introduction to music terms, copy your audiogram details into the audiogram chart (if you have them), and set aside everything else until the course tells you to look at them.

Reference Materials for Level One

You can download all the reference materials in a single file here:

Or else download just the reference materials you are interested in:

More reference materials coming soon:

  • Common chord progressions
  • Genre reference – folk
  • Genre reference – country
  • Genre reference – pop
  • Genre reference – rock

Reference Materials for Level Two

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Are there any other reference materials you’d like? Any issues with those I’ve provided? Let me know so I can improve this course. Thanks! – Asphyxia.

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