I accept commissions and would be honoured to paint something just for you.

What I can do

I can paint portraits of people. My portraits are stylised and fantastical.  I don’t do life-like paintings but I can do beautiful images that represent the people you love, and can incorporate elements into the paintings that have meaning for them. Here are examples of my portraits and how similar they are to the people they are of:






I can create collage artworks using prints of existing artworks.  For example, I have a collection of paper dolls I print and use as a base for collage. This is an example of a piece I made as a commission for a girl who uses a wheelchair, using a paper doll as the base:


I can render one of my stencils or rubber stamp characters for you in the way that suits you best.  For example, choose a character that you like, and let me know what colours and textures you want behind it. This is an example of a painting I created for someone to give to her best friend – the monkey and bird representing each of them.

Cal & Kat-2

I can hand-carve you a rubber stamp.  My rubber stamps have an organic, slightly primitive feel, very different from the perfect line of a machine-made stamp.  I can design the stamp to meet your needs.  For instance, you might like a rubber stamp that depict’s your child’s favourite security softy.  This is an example of a rubber stamp I created for a customer, with hair similar to hers:

Sharon's Stamp Girl

I can make a stencil especially for you.  You could buy a painting made using that stencil, and/or you can buy the stencil itself for your own use.  Keep in mind that designing and cutting a stencil can take some time, and this will be incorporated into the cost.

What I can’t do

I can’t realise a vision for a painting that you have inside your head, because I cannot see it. All I can do is take ideas and concepts that we discuss and render them with my own styles and techniques.

Create photographic likenesses – for this, you should take a photo instead of commissioning an artwork. My pieces are an artistic interpretation of your ideas. For example, if you wanted a rubber stamp depicting a child’s favourite toy, the stamp would be a very stylised interpretation, in the same style as my other rubber stamps. It would not be realistic.

Engage in endless revisions of the work. You will have the opportunity to suggest tweaks after receiving a preliminary sketch, and again one the painting is complete. Further changes will cost extra.

What it might cost

The cost depends on the size of the finished piece, the complexity, and the number of new ideas I need to develop for you. Commissions are always more expensive than equivalent pieces listed in my shop, because of the extra work involved to understand what you want and liaise with you to achieve an artwork you are happy with. Sometimes items in my shop are underpriced for personal reasons (such as I want to get rid of them to make space in my studio!), and so may not reflect the actual cost of creating that item.

Most of my commissions cost around AU$600-$1000. For $600 you could get an A3 sized portrait with a single face and a single supporting item such as an animal. Faces are complex and time consuming to paint, so additional faces are around $400 each. Commissions without faces may be cheaper. Size also impacts the cost, with A3 paintings starting at $600 and larger pieces being around $1500 for 1m x 1m.

If you are looking for something cheaper, you can stick with items I already have in my repertoire. For example, choose a rubber stamp character or two, colours and style from a painting I’ve already done, and request personalised words. A piece like the one above, The Best Of Friends, 20cm x 20cm, would cost around $300.

How do we start?

Have a good look around my gallery to see which images, colours, styles and textures appeal to you. This will give you a good idea of the sort of thing I can do. Unfortunately you can’t enlarge the images in my gallery, but you can see them on Dropbox instead.

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page with details of what you want. It’s helpful if your request mentions specific pieces I have made and relates to them. For example, you might say, “I would love a stencil painting that looks like this, but I would prefer these words instead, and could you do the colours like this other painting here?”  That way, your request fits into the framework of items I already offer.

What happens next

I will send you a proposal and an indication of price. We can negotiate until you are happy with the plan.

If you choose to go ahead, you will need to pay in full before I begin work on your piece.

I will create an initial pencil sketch, and send you a photo of it. At this stage you can suggest tweaks and changes as long as they don’t diverge from the initial plan. For example, you might ask for a happier facial expression, or to change the hairstyle. Note: I may not be able to incorporate all your requests for changes if they are outside my expertise or if I feel it will result in a painting of poor composition or style. If you wish to cancel your commission at this stage, I will refund 2/3rds of the purchase price. If you decide to go ahead, but request changes, I will send you a photo of the revised sketch. If you want further changes after this, they will be charged extra.

Once you have approved the sketch, I will go ahead and create your artwork. When it’s complete, I will send you a photo. At this stage, you can request more tweaks. For instance, you might say that the eyebrows need to be a bit heavier or that you’d like the hair to be lighter. I will be unable to change the underlying structure, but can alter small areas of colour and details. If you request changes, I will send you a photo of the revised painting. If you want further changes after this, they will be charged extra. No refunds can be made after I have started painting your piece.

Other things you should know

Once I have created the piece for you, please remember that the copyright remains with me.  You are buying the item I have made, not ownership of the copyright.  I may add the design I created as a part of your commission to my library of artworks.  For instance, if I design a stamp character for you, I may reuse the character and sell pieces created using that.  If I paint a portrait, I may print it and use it in another work.  If you require exclusive use of an artwork, please discuss this with me at the beginning of the process – additional fees may apply.  I like to show all my pieces publicly – on Facebook, on my blog, on postcards that I send people.  Please discuss with me if you are uncomfortable with this.

Thank you, I look forward to painting for you, and I promise to imbue the painting with love and good feeling for you or the recipient.


If you’d like to go ahead with arranging a commission, please fill in this form