Bertha Make Over


Bertha 1

This, my friends, is Bertha, our campervan. She came to us like this, looking rather daggy:

Bertha 2

When we bought her, since we got her a tad cheaper than our budget allowed, I slipped aside some money for her make-over. That’s been a gradual process, especially as I’ve had to convince Paula every step of the way – she was seriously worried that some hippy paint job would make a big dent in the resale value of our van. I reckon, actually, that we might just have increased it.

In the two years that we’ve owned her, I’ve constantly mulled over a design for her exterior, but it’s taken this long for the idea to come to me – a kind of classic, retro-inspired look with just a touch of the hippy. Much of it was inspired by kombi vans – I still miss ours, but we really had to sell it when we failed to squeeze three people into the bed, which was really just a bit larger than a single. I have felt a lot of trepidation, however, since handing over the keys to a retired panel-beater, and leaving her in his hands to transform her. And when she came home, I simply couldn’t believe how stunning she looked – wow, every bit as good as I hoped and somehow even better.

Bertha 3 Bertha 4 Bertha 5

Stay tuned.. I’ll post photos of the interior make-over soon, though you may need to wait till we’re on the road to Woodford and have the beds all made up with the patchwork covers I sewed.

Bertha Make Over

Bertha’s Dining Area, After Makeover:

Bertha Make Over 1

Bertha’s Dining Area, After Makeover:

Bertha Make Over 2

Finally I have taken some photos of Bertha, our lovely campervan, so you can see the results of my make over. You can see the external make over here. It’s been a slow process, over the past two years, that I’ve been shifting her away from that hideous beige seventies decor and into something a bit more my taste. Happily it hasn’t cost a lot of money, as it was mostly sewing and painting which Paula and I did ourselves. I’m so pleased with how she looks. For me, interior decor seems to do absolutely everything to enhance my mood. When I stay in a place that delights me, I get joy from looking at and being in my surroundings every day. When I don’t like the aesthetic I find it really hard not to let it seep into my pores – it definitely influences my spirit. Happily Bertha is now a space I like to be in just to enjoy the aesthetic and find inspiration. By the way I would have liked to paint all the exposed fake wood laminate white, but for some reason Paula is resisting. Maybe one day…

The Kitchen Before:

Bertha Make Over 3

And After:

Bertha Make Over 4

Our Bed Before:

Bertha Make Over 5

And after:

Bertha Make Over 6

Our Bedside table before:

Bertha Make Over 7

And After:

Bertha Make Over 8

And a view of the door, from the dining area:

Bertha Make Over 9

And after:

Bertha Make Over 10