Deaf girl wearing headphones with a cross over her ear, dancing to music that extends from a subwoofer with vibrational sound waves. The text reads, ‘AMPLIFY – creating a customisable, vibrational and visual experience of music… so deaf people can enjoy music too.’

AMPLIFY is an Accessible Music Project so deaf people can enjoy music too.

A Deaf-led project created by Asphyxia

‘It is my goal that in the future we will be able to download accessible music from Spotify and other mainstream distribution platforms. We’ll be able to edit it to suit our individual hearing range, then hear and feel it while watching a video that represents every sound. This will open the door for all of us to understand and enjoy music.’

– Asphyxia
Image with grungy background and subwoofer – text says ‘Accessible music will be customisable, because some hear low pitches and others hear high; vibrational, to feel like a real song, not a monotonous beat; visual, see lyrics and every note on every instrument as the song plays; designed for hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Six million deaf and hard of hearing Australian’s currently have no way to access music that accommodates our hearing loss, despite the fact that music is played everywhere, talked about and celebrated by our society.

I have discovered that when the right measures are in place, we can enjoy music. I am consulting with deaf people to develop a standardised format for accessible songs, which will ensure they are suitable for the entire spectrum of hearing loss.

Music saved in the accessible format will be able to be edited to suit the specific hearing range of individuals, and can be watched on a video player that will show lyrics and each instrument and note as they occur. When connected to a subwoofer, the music will also emit powerful vibrations which have been designed to be a satisfying experience for deaf people.

A totally deaf person will be able to enjoy the music visually and vibrationally, while people with hearing aids and cochlear implants will also be able to hear music that is developed specifically for these devices.

Watch the video to learn more about this project.

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