Learn Auslan – Impolite stuff

No language is complete without swear words, toilet words, genitals and sex words. I’ve grouped these together in this video so that parents who are studying this course with their children can decide whether to show them or not.  This doesn’t mean that I think certain body parts are ‘rude’ or ‘impolite’.  The sign for ‘toilet’ is in here – that isn’t a rude sign at all.  I just grouped it here along with signs like ‘poo’ where are considered rude.

Fuck (this is not as rude as the equivalent work ‘fuck’ in English – it’s ruder than saying ‘damn’ but perhaps not quite as rude as saying ‘shit’)
Fuck you (this is offensive and hurtful)
Shit (this is used as a swear word (not to refer to ‘poo’) and it is not nearly as rude as ‘shit’ is in English. It’s more like saying ‘damn’ and you can even say it in somewhat polite company.)
•  Toilet
•  Poo
•  Piss (man)
•  Wee (woman)
•  Vagina
•  Penis
•  Erection (option 1)
•  Erection (option 2 – you can see an element of bragging and humour here!)
•  Sex (this is the formal, polite sign for sex, however, if you are talking informally, you would be likely to show the position – the next three signs give examples of that.)
•  69
•  spoon position
•  sex scissor position
•  cunnilingus (woman)
•  blow job (man)

This post is part of my free online Auslan course. See the rest of the course here.

To learn more about what it is really like to be Deaf, details about the Deaf community and how Auslan is used by Deaf people, read my book, Future Girl.

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