Homemade Candles

Homemade Candles

I made these candles on our rocket stove. I’m so pleased with them. I love the soft lumpy forms, and every time I burn one I remember sitting out by the fire, feeding it with sticks, and the lovely calm feeling I had while I was dipping them into the wax.

I found on the nature strip, ages ago, a humungous fat candle – the kind that is impossible to burn down because it’s just too damned large. Obviously someone had give up. I’ve been melting it down in a frypan I got from the op shop, and using it to make my candles. When it runs out I’ll try and collect candles and bits of wax from op shops to keep up my supply.

Here’s how I make them:

I do it on a day when we’re cooking on the rocket stove, using twigs from around our garden, making use of bits of heat that would otherwise be wasted.

I melt wax in the fry pan, and then pour it into a tin. I’ve got a nice tall tin that used to have pineapple juice in it, but you can make candles from a regular tin too – they’ll just be short little things.

I take string I got from the 2 dollar shop – white cotton twine or whatever it is – and dip it repeatedly into the wax. Gradually it becomes fatter, and I stop when the candles are the right thickness for our candleholders.

Every now and then I need to put the tin on the rocket stove to re-melt the wax, and I need to melt a bit more in the frypan to top up the tin.

That’s it. It’s meditative and fun.

Here’s my candlemaking box, with all the “tools” I use – pretty simple really:

Homemade Candles 2

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