Learn Auslan – Level 1 – Food

Here are some signs about food:


• Breakfast (this is like eating a bowl of cereal with a spoon – I should have just fed myself two spoonfuls in the video, not three)
• Lunch (this is like eating a sandwich)
• Dinner
• Dessert (this sign is also used for ‘pudding’ and ‘porridge’ and sometimes for ‘breakfast’ too)
• Hungry (note: in some states this sign means ‘sexy’! this is the Melbourne version)
• Thirsty
• Tea
• Coffee (I should have done just two shakes of the ‘c’ in the video)
• Sugar
• Honey

Note: you already learnt the words for food and drink in the lesson for baby signs. The sign for ‘eat’ is the same as the sign for food.

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