The world through the eyes of a deaf child

Have you ever wondered what life is like from the perspective of a deaf child? How utterly bizarre it is to be taught to lipread and expected to participate in a hearing world which can seem largely irrelevant to us?

Sophie’s blog post  describes her own experiences as a small deaf child. It’s well worth a read.

‘I fidget. I’ve been sitting down for a very long time and I’m supposed to wait for something to happen. I glance at my mother and she’s pointing at a book and her lips are moving. Oh, play time! I try to interact. I wiggle my lips, but see heads shaking.
My mother tries again. I try again. Lips wiggle. There, I did it… no? Why are we doing this again? Hands move to fiddle with the plastic rims behind my ears. Now I’m even more confused.’

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