I love and accept myself exactly as I am

Everything good in life seems to stem from a basic foundation of self-love and acceptance. How can we expect to be loved and accepted when we don’t offer this to ourselves?

My ‘aunt’ Lucy commissioned me to paint this piece for her. Before I shipped it, it sat on my studio wall and garnered a LOT of interest. It seems that Lucy’s quest for self-love and acceptance resonates with a lot of people. This was not a theme for me in my old life, when things were going well, but given the challenges I’ve been facing lately, I too have come to struggle with this and am making the effort to love and accept myself, even (especially!) when I feel revolting.

Jasmin Tanjeloff [URL http://tinybuddha.com/blog/accepting-loving-ourselves-in-10-steps/%5D suggests the following ten simple steps to self-love and self-acceptance:

1 Validate our feelings, “It’s okay to feel bad sometimes.”
2 Refrain from judging or placing negativity on our thoughts or feelings.
3 Give ourselves a little extra comfort and soothing.
4 Listen to and respect our inner experience.
5 Reassure ourselves that what we are experiencing will pass.
6 Remind ourselves of all the wonderful things that we are.
7 Be grateful for the little (and big) things in our lives.
8 Take action towards improving elements in our lives that negatively affect us.
9 Commit to our physical health—cut back on drinking, improve eating habits, and exercise regularly
10 Invest in our psychological/emotional/spiritual health.

If you need a little reminder to love and accept yourself, prints of this painting are available in my shop.

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