Deaf is the new black

Even though it’s really hard being Deaf at times, if I could choose to be hearing, I wouldn’t.  Let me tell you what I love about being Deaf.

• I can claim sign language – the most beautiful and expressive language ever – as my own, and use it whenever I want. I can sign songs, and that is visual poetry, I tell you.

• I can sleep through anything

• Snoring doesn’t bother me.

• When I work with power tools, I don’t need to wear earmuffs.

• I can go shopping in complete silence if I take off my hearing aids. No couples bickering, children’s tantrums, blaring announcements or background music.

• In noisy environments, I am serene.

• I have a fantastic visual memory and am very observant.

• I’m granted an automatic passport to the Deaf community.

• People give me free things, discounts and little extras all the time.

• I read peoples’ faces and body language better than most.

• I communicate well with people who don’t speak English, as I know how to get messages through visually.

• Everyone remembers me.

• When I meet others who are ‘different’ in some way, we share an instant kinship and openness with one another.

• I can get away with almost anything by smiling sweetly.

• I can ignore you when you speak and you’ll never suspect I heard.

This is an original artwork mounted on a reclaimed wooden backing. If you’d like it, it’s available in my shop:

Deaf is the new black

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