Learn Auslan – More frequently used words

Here are some more signs that are often used in conversation:


  • Interesting
  •  Clever (I show the handshape – thumb up)
  •  Stupid
  • Dangerous
  • Little
  • Big
  • Give
  • Take
  • Fast
  • Slow/long
  • Enough
  • Wait

In the video, I’m a bit over-enthusiastic in signing ‘dangerous’. Really, doing two shakes of my hand is more correct. Note, this is similar to the sign for ‘sorry’, but with ‘sorry’, your fingers are more spread out. Also, when I do the sign for ‘enough’ I should have just done two rotations.

5 thoughts on “Learn Auslan – More frequently used words

  1. Bruce Patterson

    Thanks it’s good that you are left handed it makes it easier for me being right handed I can make the movement the same way as you:)



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