Umm… can you tell me what you’re all saying?

This is one of my favourite paintings I’ve done. I don’t exactly know why. The words read, ‘Umm… can you tell me what you’re all saying?’ These words reverbrate inside my head so often, in so many situations. But I say them only a small percentage of the time. I feel like a broken record. And so often when I do take a breath and ask, my words are ignored. It’s not just me – lots of Deaf people find this. It’s so annoying, the extra effort needed to include us, that people around us often end up blanking it out. This includes people who love us and care deeply about us.

I’m asking you to go the extra mile. I know it’s annoying and hard, but it makes the biggest difference to me and other Deaf people. It’s even better when we don’t have to ask the question.

Feel free to share this post to raise awareness about this tricky issue. You can buy prints of this painting here.

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