Learn Auslan – Level 1 – Question words

Use these Auslan signs when asking questions:



  •  Who
  •  What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How
  • How much
  •  How many
  • Which

In Auslan, the grammar is different from English. When asking a question, the W-word goes last.  For example, when asking ‘When did you eat?”, you would sign ‘YOU EAT WHEN?’ To ask “Where do you live?” you sign ‘YOU LIVE WHERE?’

You’ll notice in these examples that I have omitted ‘did’ and ‘do’. In Auslan, words such as “and”, “to”, “a”, “the”, “it”, “be”, “are” etc. are not used.  Simply delete them from the sentence.

Sometimes in Auslan, the W-word goes both first and last.  This is known as bracing.  E.g. WHO WASH-DISHES WHO?

There is no time when the W-word is first, but not last, the way it is in English.

For this week, practise asking questions.  If you don’t know the signs for the vocab you want to use, fingerspell the words.  By fingerspelling words you don’t know, you create a space in your brain for them, so when you learn the sign for that word you will remember it more easily.

One thought on “Learn Auslan – Level 1 – Question words

  1. Jacqueline Morris

    I enjoy the video clips so very much. I am learning on my own as i have no one to practice with. Being 72 years old and profoundly deaf— i will not give up learning signs. Thank you for your help.



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