Journal flip through – Journal No. 45

I thought you might be interested in this flip through of my journal when I’d only just started using it. You can see a handful of ‘finished’ pages at the beginning, and the rest of the book shows how it looks when I’ve ‘prepared’ it.

I make my journals myself, using office paper and upcycled materials. The hard-cover for this book came from a book of dolls a friend left by my front door as an anonymous gift. It took me a while to track down who had left me such a delightful offering, and I was so taken with it, I decided to use it as the basis for my next journal. I even cut out some of the dolls and stuck them inside the pages.

When I prepare my journal, I fill it with collage and interesting papers so that even if I am too tired to make a pretty page, I can simply scrawl roughly and the page still looks fantastic. Another advantage to this method is that it makes the book so appealing that I am drawn to it and feel a big pull to spend time within its pages.

If you want to learn to make and use a book like this, check out my e-course, Make The Book Of Your Dreams. I’ve also got a Facebook group for the course in which I post mini-tutorials to inspire students to make certain kinds of pages.

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