Learn Auslan – Level 1 – Greetings

I’ve now finished posting all the videos I made for Auslan Level 1 and Level 2. Congratulations to everyone who has followed this course and worked on it. I love it when I meet you and you use your new signs to tell me how helpful this course has been. Thanks. I also meet plenty of people who didn’t keep up, and I thought, since I’m not up to filming more videos right now, I will repost all the videos again from the start. Good revision, and a good opportunity for new people to start from the beginning. I hope you enjoy.

If you’ve been watching Level 2 videos you’ll see they were really well filmed, thanks to the lovely Joanne Donahue-Beckwith who did a stellar job on them. These videos for Level 1 are ones I made myself at home. They aren’t so fancy, I’m afraid. But I hope you’ll still be able to learn something anyway.

So here we go.. back to the beginning…

The signs in this video will help you learn to greet a deaf person.

This is the vocab I’ve shown you:
• Hello
• My
• Name
• How are you? (this is one sign)
• Good
• Bad
• So’s so
• Alright
• Hot
• Cold
• Tired
• Please/thank you (use this sign for both please and thank you)

You’ll notice my facial expression changes with each sign.  Facial expression is very important in Auslan – practise using appropriate expressions for your signs.
With a friend, practise greeting each other in Auslan.  Introduce yourself and fingerspell your name.  Through the next week, notice when you feel any of the above feelings, and do that sign to yourself.

This post is part of my online course to teach basic Auslan using videos and bite-sized lessons of around ten signs each. To sign up, follow this page and click to ‘see first’ in your news feed, or else sign up to get lessons via email at http://www.asphyxia.com.au


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