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I haven’t posted much lately. That’s because life has been pretty intense and chaotic, and I am still struggling with ill health due to arsenic and lead poisoning. The good bit is that I am slowly detoxing and getting better, but it’s clearly a long term journey to become well so I am learning the art of patience! The bad bit is that Paula and I could not reconcile this, and we’ve split up, after 18.5 years together. Unfortunately things are complicated between us as we try to disentangle so many years of shared life and business, and going through a difficult divorce while extremely ill is no picnic, I tell you.

I hope Paula and I will be able to resolve/finalise things through mediation, but I have been advised that if things end up in court, then any posts I’ve made on social media could be used against me. As a result, I need to take my life out of the public eye. I’ve actually been missing you all – I enjoy sharing my journal posts and what’s going on for me creatively/personally, and connecting with you all on that level. For now, though, I can’t do this.

In the meantime, I’m going to repost some of my older stuff, especially about Deafness and journaling and so on. And since my Auslan course has now finished, (it’s been running for 1.5 years!) I reckon I’ll go back to the start so those of you who didn’t keep up the first time can jump on the Auslan bandwagon, and those who did have some handy revision.

Also, I’ve decided to share my studio, as I’m only in there a few times a week and money is kind of tight these days. If you’d like to rent a space at the Abbotsford Convent for four days a week and more if you are an afternoon/evening person, see my ad over on Creative Spaces.

One thought on “Life and more…

  1. Meg Smith

    I am very sorry to hear about your break up and ill health, Asphyxia. Although, I see that this post is over a year old now, and I hope things are settling in your life now.
    Thinking of you with love, Meg



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