Phrases for medical staff and paramedics

As I’ve been promising, this week’s lesson is a big one, and teaches several questions medical practitioners such as paramedics and doctors can ask their patients. If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve mastered the vocab in the previous three lessons.

Below, in lower case letters, I’ve written the English equivalent of the questions / statements. In capital letters, I show the signs used.

I’m a nurse ME NURSE,
I’m a doctor ME DOCTOR,
I’m a medical student ME MEDICAL STUDENT,
I’m an ambulance officer ME WORK AMBULANCE

I want to help you. HELP YOU ME WANT

Why did you call an ambulance? YOU CALL AMBULANCE WHY?

Tell me your medical history – asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, stroke, heart attack? YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY WHAT? YOU HAVE ASTHMA, EPILEPSY, DIABETES, STROKE, HEART ATTACK PAST?

Do you take any regular medication? MEDICINE YOU TAKE REGULAR?

Do you have pain? PAIN YOU HAVE?

Where is the pain? PAIN WHERE?

Can you describe the pain: crushing, tight, sharp, stabbing, burning? TELL ME OVER PAIN. CRUSH, TIGHT, SHARP, STAB, BURN? YOU FEEL WHAT?

When did the pain start? PAIN START WHEN?

What makes the pain better? ANYTHING YOU DO HELP IMPROVE PAIN?

What makes the pain worse? ANYTHING YOU DO UN-IMPROVE/LOWER PAIN?

Have you taken anything to try and treat the pain? YOU FINISH TAKE MEDICINE FOR PAIN?

Could you rate the pain on a scale of 1-10. 1 being good and bad being 10. I WANT KNOW HOW BAD YOUR PAIN. PRETEND 1 MEAN GOOD, (DRAW PAIN-LINE) 10 MEAN TERRIBLE, WORSE EVER, YOU WHERE-ON-LINE?

Can you walk? WALK CAN YOU?

When did you last have something to eat or drink? YOU LAST EAT DRINK WHEN?

Have you had any water? WATER YOU DRINK-FINISH?

I’m going to put a needle in your arm so that I can give you some medications, is that alright? ME INJECT-YOU, WHY? GIVE MEDICINE. OK?

Do you have health insurance? HEALTH INSURANCE YOU HAVE?

Would you like to go to the private or public hospital? HOSPITAL YOU WANT PUBLIC OR PRIVATE WHICH?

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