Carried on the wind


This is my very favourite painting that I had in my exhibition. I loved it so much I was thinking about keeping it. And then I DID decide to keep it. I went into the gallery, intending to put a red dot on it, and saw that it had sold just before! I had to take a deep breath. Normally I love to let my paintings go to their new homes, but I admit it was a little challenging in this case. But so be it. Maybe the buyer sensed something, and got in just in time.

I am often cavalier about letting my paintings go, even the ones I love, because I know I can always paint another one. But since I’ve been ill and not able to paint, and ever so slightly afraid that the ability to paint will never return, I’ve come to appreciate my work much more! I quickly took a few pieces home to keep, and I’m so glad I did.

Anyway, this original of this one is gone, hopefully much enjoyed by its new owners. But I’ve just listed giclee prints in my shop here.

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