The path WILL reveal itself


My life recently has been challenging, to say the least. Lots of losses… my health, my brain, my ability to work, my home, my family. I had to pack my bags and leave when I realised my house was poisoning me. I’m still trying to get it cleaned up so I can go home. In the meantime, me and my stuff have been floating, in a kind of limbo, though we’ve now rented a house nearby. I never thought I would find myself here. Where I live is a lovely place, but it doesn’t fit my soul.

What I’m doing now is trying to trust that the path will reveal itself.. that I will find my way forward, that it’s actually ok to be facing the unknown and that good things will come of it. Certainly, good things have already arrived – connections with new people, and a kind of fearlessness. When you have lost everything you once held dear, and find that you can cope with it afterall, then you become really brave. That’s happened to me.

These paintings are a part of my series, Into The Unknown, about navigating life without a map. It’s about finding the courage to cast off the old and catch the wind as it blows, shaking off all that is stagnant. As the journey unfolds, we will breathe the air of a new place and an uncharted world will be revealed. Ultimately, what will emerge is… ourselves.

(I am still looking for that last part.. ME. But I believe it will come.)

If you know someone else who is on a big, life-changing journey, or perhaps just looking four the courage to embark on one, consider giving them one of these paintings. These and many more are in my online shop.

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