New paintings for Christmas


A little while ago, I did a concentrated burst and painted what I hoped would be the start of a huge collection of paintings for the holiday season. Last year I sold over 120 paintings for Christmas and I was looking forward to the challenge of beating that. Unfortunately though, health is not on my side, as I am recovering from lead and arsenic poisoning, (hence my online silence recently) and I am reluctantly accepting that there is going to be no sudden quick and delightful improvement. (Well, I still hope… it’s just around the corner, maybe?!)

I did manage to paint a sweet little collection, and these are a particularly delightful batch, in my opinion. They are made with layers of plaster, encaustic resin and beeswax on pieces of reclaimed wood, very textured and lovely to touch. The images are from rubber stamps I resigned and carved myself.

I’ve got some journey paintings, which are about navigating life without a map, finding the courage to cast off the old and catch the wind as it blows you into an unknown place. And I’ve made some Licorice Allsorts paintings, which you might remember from last year, collections of thoughts from my journals presented as sweet, colourful bites.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone you love for Christmas, and you’d like to buy handmade pieces by a local artist who works as sustainably as possible, please have a look in my online shop.

One thought on “New paintings for Christmas

  1. Lori

    Hi Asphyxia, Nice to see you posting again, I was wondering where you where!!!! I am so sorry to hear of the poisoning and hope that you have many good holistic and western doctors on your team and way to a speedy recovery, I am adding to you my prayers. I love the painting you made with the woman and the wings comment. VERY beautiful and meaningful. You are such an inspiration & thank you for that.



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