heART journal magazine!

This month heART Journal Magazine has a feature about me and my journals. It’s a cool and inspiring art journal magazine and includes video flip throughs of great journals (mine in this issue!) as well as tips and prompts to help you make the most of your journal.

heART journal

AND, to be extra nice, they’ve said I can give this issue of the magazine away for free to my people. So if you’d like to read the mag, including the feature about me, you can find it here[URL http://www.heARTJournalMagazine.com shopping cart] – choose the July 2016 issue and use coupon code Julyxia – this will expire on 30th August 2016.

You can also get it on the app store here or on Google Play here. Then on your device:
•             Install the App on your device
•             Launch the Magazine
•             On the Home Page, Tap on the Yellow subscribe button
•             Tap on the Current Subscribers button
•             Enter this: Julyxia (case sensitive)

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