Evolution of a journal page – cats

Travel Journal 2015-8

Let me tell you how this page in my journal came to be. The blue collage and black dotty tape were added at the start, when I was preparing my pages. I do a fair bit of collage when I’m first making the book, and while the effect is kind of random, it adds a dynamic to my pages that I find really pleasing.

Leafing through a book, I found that gorgeous font and the arrow borders. It was a template for a DIY project. I traced them into my journal, hoping to use the font and idea for inspiration for something down the track.

Another day, I had some leftover paint on my palette, so I painted the flowers, and cleaned my brush with a strip at the bottom of the page.

Then one night my friend Jenine challenged me to draw cats. We had 1 minute 15 seconds for each. Go! I picked this page because of the “Draw me something” title – it felt very appropriate.

On a piece of graph paper, I drew again my favourite cat, polishing it until I was happy with it, and then stuck it in. That’ll become a rubber stamp.

Many of the pages in my journal evolve in this slapdash fashion. I hope this little step-by-step inspires you to use yours the same way. I post many mini-tutorials like this in the Facebook group I have for my art journal e-course, Make The Book Of Your Dreams. If you want to learn more about making and using a journal like mine, feel free to sign up.

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