Hello winter. I’m leaving you soon.

Hello Winter

It’s cold here in Melbourne now. While our fire keeps our little house warm, I’m not a big fan of winter in general, so I always try to plan an escape to somewhere warmer in the middle, if possible. Lucky for me, I’ve had the most amazing invitation – to stay with my friend Torhild and study with Julie Arkell in Denmark in July!

Last time I studied with Julie Arkell I learnt so much and am still making the most of the inspiration I gained from that trip. I returned to Europe last year and the inspiration I gathered there has fed my art for the last twelve months, and springboarded a whole new approach to handling my Deafness for me. It’s been big. Now I’m going back for more.

I don’t know what awaits me on this trip, but hopefully I’ll find more inspiration, some surprising insights, and meet some interesting people. On the way I’m spending a few days in Amsterdam, and after the course I’m catching a ferry to Norway where I’ll enjoy more of the amazing nature that so touched me last time. And while I’m there I hope I can take my Norwegian language skills to the next level.

Like last year, I’ll use this as an opportunity for a complete cyber break – get off Facebook, email, Pinterest and my blog and simply be in the here and now, instead of on my technology. But I’ll take heaps of photos and give you travel stories at some stage.

I don’t leave til the 24th June, but I’m already packing and dreaming and figuring out how to get the most out of my trip. This page in my journal is the result of travel dreams and lettering practice. I like it. It’s even got some whitespace which is my biggest challenge in journalling!

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