The 100

Grounder girl

I don’t normally watch a lot of TV, but lately I’ve had a bit of a marathon with The 100, as I’ve been trying to rest more and it helps tie me to the couch. I wouldn’t say that The 100 is one of the best TV series I’ve ever watched, but I like the futuristic setting, and I really love the aesthetic of the different tribes, especially the Grounders. I challenged myself to do a super-fast watercolour portrait of a Grounder girl in my journal and was happy with how it came out.

When someone dies, in Grounder language they say, ‘your fight is over’. That’s how I sometimes feel at night when I get into bed. I’ve been so tired (hence the need for extra rest) and the day has been such an effort, that when I sink into my pillows, I sometimes think to myself, ‘your fight is over’.

Your fight is over

I was really pleased with how this effort at lettering turned out. This is the first time I’ve done a design that is my own, rather than following one of the exercises in the book. And I really really like it. I’m gonna try this basic concept with other sayings.

2 thoughts on “The 100

  1. Heather

    Hello Asphyxia, you mention a book you sometimes follow as an example, what is the name of it please? I really enjoy your art. Cheers and happy travelling. Heather x



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