My beloved.

My current journal is so fat I can barely lug it around with me any more. I realised, I need to finish it before my trip away cos no way can I take it with me – it would double the weight of my luggage! I need to go with a nice, new empty book, ready to fill with my travel experiences.

So I’ve been on a mission to journal a bit more, and that’s combining with my lettering practice. I am filling pages with pretty words. This one is for Paula, my beloved girlfriend.

Paulie, you're my beloved

The following page is a quote I read in Sharon Astyk’s book, Depletion and Abundance. The book was a massive influence on my lifestyle, and one of the ideas in the book is that instead of valuing going out and a life that takes us away from home, we should focus on making our home the centre of our lives so that we love being there and have plenty of activity there. It was a really different way of thinking, for me. She talks about how it’s easy to want a different kind of house, one that will somehow be more compatible with sustainable living, or better located or whatever. But she says we all need to learn to bloom where we are planted, and turn our home into a fertile garden for our souls. (That last bit was my interpretation, not hers.) This is an idea that I’ve really embraced and it’s made me feel comfortable with being kind of hermity, and I don’t feel I need to apologise for that, change it or hide it.

Bloom where you are planted

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