Drawing at 5am

Drawing at 5am

As the days have become shorter, it’s often dark in the mornings when I wake up. I CAN ride to my studio in the dark and sometimes I do. But lately I’ve made a new routine which I just love. While my family sleeps, I slink down to the couch at 5am and draw. I switch off the pressure to achieve something good, and just experiment with whatever I feel like.

I’ve been drawing faces using alcohol markers. Fun – I never thought textas would give you the definition needed to create a dimensioned face, but turns out I was wrong.

I’ve been scribbling with graphite pencils and watching my characters emerge. That’s the bit that has surprised me the most – I really do scribble, layer after layer, with HB and then 2B and then 4B and so on, until I’m working with an 8 or 9B – and yet what has been coming out is surprisingly fine and detailed. With all this practise, my skills have improved without me realising it.

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