As the crow flies

Time to see something new-1

I’ve done a couple more paintings for my series, Into The Unknown, about navigating life without a map. It’s about finding the courage to cast off the old and catch the wind as it blows, shaking off all that is stagnant. As the journey unfolds, we will breathe the air of a new place and an uncharted world will be revealed. Ultimately, what will emerge is… ourselves.

As the crow flies


I’m so happy with how these turned out. The ground area for each painting is made of plastered dots. One day when I had some plaster left over after working on another piece, I grabbed my dots stencil and a couple of blocks of recycled wood, and smeared the plaster through it. I think it looks great. Then when I wanted to use my new rubber stamps, they were ready to go.

The simplicity and texture and muted colours of these pieces really appeal to me.

If you’d like one or both (they look great on the wall together) you’ll find them in my shop here.

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