Welcome to Online Auslan level 2

Welcome to level 2 of my online Auslan course for beginners. If you have made it this far, and can remember most of the vocab from level 1, then you are acing out and can probably already have some pretty good conversations with Deaf people. The signs you learn here will fill in some gaps and help bring your signing up a notch.

Please remember that the signs I’m teaching you are the signs I use in Melbourne, Australia. Signs vary a lot around Australia, and even here in Melbourne, so people will be sure to tell you that some of the signs I’ve shown you are ‘wrong’. But my aim here is to help you communicate effectively with Deaf people, and if you use a sign from another state, or a sign they don’t usually use, chances are they’ll still understand you.

You’ll notice a dramatic change in the videos for Level 2. You asked me to sign slower (I hope I did that!) and to repeat my signs. I’ve signed each word twice, so you can watch the first time, and do it with me the second time. I hope that makes it easier for you. If they are still too quick, watch the video on YouTube and use the settings cog to change the speed to 0.25.

The other big change in the videos is how amazingly professional they look.  This is thanks to Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith, who kindly volunteered to film the videos for me. She’s a pro, as you can see, and even created a studio set up with beautiful lighting to make the videos the best they can be. She also subtitled and formatted all the videos for me, saving heaps of time. Many, many thanks to Joanne for her generosity.

Now.. let’s get started. Here are some signs that will be useful in conversation:

  • alive
  • live (e.g. to live in a house)
  • dead
  • sick
  • cuddle/hug
  • important
  • true
  • shh
  • quiet
  • sit
  • stand
  • trouble

One thought on “Welcome to Online Auslan level 2

  1. coventrykid@bigpond.com

    Asphyxia – I love the new videos – they are so much easier to follow.
    You also have a new look too. More hippy like. But still the same
    Pretty face.
    Thank you so much for the help You are giving to me and all other
    Deaf learners.
    Thank you.

    from Jacqueline morris – sent by my i-pad




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