Spray journal

A project I’ve been working on for a very long time, is this little journal of my stencils and spraypaint. I started by randomly adding collage and paint to both sides of a huge pile of papers.

Spray journal process-2

Then, each time I made a new stencil, I grabbed one or two of my papers and sprayed part of it.

Spray journal process-1

Over time, my collection has grown. It’s turned into a beautiful showcase of all my pieces and I really love it.

Just this last week I decided to call it finished. I bundled up all the papers, sewed them into signatures, and bound them with gaffer tape. The resulting journal is on display in my studio along with my regular journals.

If you’d like to see it or have a browse through my gallery/shop, I’m opening my doors to the public on Sunday 8 May from 1-2pm. Event details are here:


(Though you are welcome to come in at any time.. just message me to be sure I’m there as I work pretty erratic hours.)

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