There’s no map for where I’m going

There's no map for where I'm going - Oil paint and plastered gauze on reclaimed wood

For my birthday, I was given some water soluble oil paints. I hadn’t known such a thing existed, but a book in the library clarified for me exactly what they are. They are regular oil paint to which a surfactant has been added. Surfactants are molecules which join to water at one end and oil at the other, and are found in dishwashing detergent to help the oil wash away with the water. The surfactants don’t change the paint at all, except for that they allow you to clean the brushes with water instead of toxic chemicals. Cool.

I started playing around with them right away, and painted up this girl. I love her. And I loved painting her face, because wow, oil paint is so easy to blend and work with. Acrylic dries really fast so it’s hard to blend from one colour to another. See the water-colour effect of the hair? I just added water to the paint. Gorgeous – I love it.

This one’s painted on a piece of reclaimed wood to which I had added plaster gauze. It’s really textured and I love the effect. This girl is a part of my series, Into The Unknown. It’s true – there’s no map for where I’m going.

This piece has been sold.

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