Future Girl update

‘Dear Asphyxia,

I’m really pleased to let you know that Allen & Unwin would love to make you an offer to publish FUTURE GIRL. Yay!!!

The response from everyone can be summarised as ‘excited and intrigued’. There is quite a lot of interest overseas in what they’re calling ‘hybrid’ fiction – novels for teenagers that include a lot of design elements and/or illustrations… we think between us all we can produce an incredible (and incredibly beautiful) book that specialist booksellers and discerning readers will adore…

We’re imagining FUTURE GIRL as a beautiful paperback, a little larger than a standard novel, and printed in colour to allow for “plates” or full page colour illustrations. The retail price would be $19.99.’

Future Girl e-book cover image

That, folks, is a formal offer from my publishers for my next book, Future Girl, which will be the art journal of a sixteen year old deaf girl! While I’ve been working on it for ages (years!) progress has stalled somewhat recently as I’ve been waiting for them to get back to me about my latest draft of the manuscript. I thought maybe they’d changed their mind and weren’t interested afterall. So happy and excited to get this email. It’s gonna happen!

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