Floating through the night

Floating through the night

Floating through the night is a mystical experience. Soothing, with our complex world simplified into dark shadows and sky. Everything difficult seems to fall away, and in the morning, we will find ourselves somewhere new and surprising.

This painting is a part of my series, Into The Unknown, about navigating life without a map. It’s about finding the courage to cast off the old and catch the wind as it blows, shaking off all that is stagnant. As the journey unfolds, we will breathe the air of a new place and an uncharted world will be revealed. Ultimately, what will emerge is… ourselves.

I’m really thrilled with these colours – a combination I haven’t used before. I love the old, cracked, damaged wall effect, and all the texture. I’m not sure I really want to sell this one!

This piece has been sold.

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