Toilet cloths

Toilet cloths

I think we all have them, those projects sitting in the cupboard because we’re going to do them ONE DAY. Really, that day will come and we’ll suddenly DO it. Yeah, right. I’ve a heap of such projects. In going through my fabrics recently, I found several pieces that I’m keeping for One Day. I set myself a rule: I have to do it within the next few weeks, or chuck out the pieces. Eeek! So I spent a day sewing, and surprisingly have whipped through a whole bunch of my projects already.

Here’s one of them: pretty toilet cloths. As a part of my effort to reduce the number of trees that are cut down on my behalf, I gave up using toilet paper at home years ago. Before you faint with how utterly gross that is, let me explain. For wees I use a little cloth, which I chuck in the wash each week. For poo, I use squares torn from an old phone book (a friend of mine experienced in these matters told me that phone books are the most absorbent option – I can’t say I’ve found them absorbent but they do the job anyway).

My toilet cloths are wearing kinda thin now, so I thought it would be good to make some new ones. These have an upcycled towel on one side (the ‘use’ side), and a vintage sheet on the side I hold it on (no risk of touching a wee spot). And.. these look so pretty they give me a little burst of joy to use them. There you go, so glad I got around to this at last.

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