Green silk skirt makeover

skirt and jumper

When I went through my clothes recently, following the KonMarie method, I had to chuck out everything that didn’t bring me joy. I picked up a black skirt I made last year to go with the jumper my friend Torhild knitted me, and was so sad to see that it didn’t bring me joy afterall. I just didn’t like the shape of it. The fabric didn’t fall right. It disappointed me. Skirt went into the Goodbye pile.

But then I found a green silk dress my friend Suni gave me. I adore the fabric, adore it. But the dress itself, it wasn’t very flattering. It rather highlighted the fact that my boobs are somewhat lower than expected. Ahh. No joy there.

Looking at them side by side in the Goodbye pile, inspiration struck. Perhaps they could be combined? Hmm. This project was seriously at risk of going into the One Day (yeah right) pile which would also need to be chucked out. I decided to do it right away.

So here it is, my newly updated black skirt layered with green silk from my friend’s dress. I think I like it. The Joy Jury is still deliberating. I need to do a few test outtings to see how I feel about it. But, so far so good!

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