Journal No. 28

cover journal front

As a part of my big clean up, I am trying to make sure my entire life is in order, all paperwork caught up, photos organised, that kind of thing. Yelp. It’s a massive job. I have a box of my old journals, and it’s beautifully organised except for one that I wrote on my computer, and never got around to printing out. Finally I have done it. It wasn’t so hard. I don’t know why I waited years to do it. I used Lulu which was surprisingly cheap and easy. I ripped off a cover from Penguin but altered it to have one of my little characters. The book arrived just a few days later and it looks fantastic.  In my box I’ve a whole pile of printed out journals and they are comb-bound from Officeworks. Frankly, they look really crappy. Now I’m trying to decide if it’s too wasteful to print them all again, into these sweet little paperbacks from Lulu.  What do you think? Should I do it? Or is that just wasteful, time consuming and silly?

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