Learn Auslan – Grammar

Read the text for this lesson, before you watch the video.

As I have already mentioned, in Auslan, the grammar and sentence structure is different from English. Now I want to go into this a little deeper and practise putting sentences together using correct Auslan grammar.

The topic is the first part of the sentence. “I’m going to the shop” becomes SHOP ME GO. The shop is the topic. Usually the verb is the last item.

If you use a time marker, (for example, ‘yesterday’) it goes first in the sentence, before the topic. The sentence ‘I went to the shop yesterday’ is signed ‘YESTERDAY SHOP ME GO.’

Try signing:

• I want a drink.
• Do you want to watch a movie?
• My father is very tall.
• Please pass me the salt.

If you don’t know the vocab for the above words, fingerspell them. AFTER you have tried signing them, watch the video and correct your signs:

3 thoughts on “Learn Auslan – Grammar

  1. Jacqueline morris

    Hi asphyxia I am trying to now learn the sentences. It takes some doing because it’s very much like baby talk. Missing out words. It’s so different from – can I have a drink please. To drink I want. Sounds like bad manners. Yet that is how we now have to sign.


  2. Jacqueline morris

    Can you give me more details please on how to slow up the captions. I did go on to you tube and settings but didn’t find anything to change there to 0.25x please help.



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