The Grimstones Collection Released in UK

Happy times! This week my book, The Grimstones Collection, is being released in the UK. If you’ve got any friends in the UK who might like it, will you share this with them? It was also released in the USA late last year so if you have friends over there feel free to give them a nudge too.

It’s a bind-up edition containing all four Grimstone stories in a single book. It’s the diary of Martha Grimstone, complete with gorgeous photos of her family and home (miniature puppets and furniture that I made myself from upcycled junk), drawings and collage, and is perfect for young readers aged 7 to 13. UK folk will be able to find it in any good bookstore.


When I wrote the book, I made sure not to ‘dumb it down’ for young readers, and lots of adults have told me how much they enjoy reading the books to their kids. It’s great as a vocabulary-expander and I’ve been told many times that my books have transformed children from non-readers into enthusastic readers.

The Grimstones won the Speech Pathologist’s book of the year 2013 and was also awarded Australian Book Design of the year 2013. With The Grimstones, I like to inspire kids to get making – and I’ve a huge album of photos of things kids have made after reading The Grimstones. Some have made dolls based on the characters, and fabulous dress ups, others have made miniature worlds out of cardboard, and written spellbooks and even short novels inspired by the book.

And for those of you in Australia, if you fancy a copy to give someone for Christmas, you can get one signed by me here.

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