Make the book of your dreams testimonial


One of the things I’ve loved about running my journal e-course, Make The Book Of Your Dreams, is getting to chat with my students and watch their progress with their own journals. I have a Facebook group just for course participants and I often post mini tutorials there about how to make a certain kind of page. And I get feedback from students too.

I just wanted to share this one with you.. a really lovely comment from Niki na Meadhra, who came to my first ever course in making an art journal. I bumped into her a month or so later in a cafe. She’d come with her journal tucked under her arm, ready to work on it over a morning coffee. I was blown away. Her journal was amazing. She’d used all the ideas I taught in the class and with her own touch, it looked so uniquely HERS. And this is what she told me…

‘This course has changed my life! It is a generous and rich process that you are sharing with us, Asphyxia. It has been very powerful for me. My journal carries its own energy and came with a huge spurt of focus and joyous creating, reflecting, selecting, responding, noodling and doodling. It is very much a grounding and connecting tool which joins together things that seem so random. Suddenly, when held in the physical form of the journal and linked visually, they make enormous sense and fitting and belonging together. It is hard to express how it works. It feels like magic. It manifests the workings of the unconscious, so that they can be read more plainly. The pages of these journals can capture all kinds of moments and moments layered on each other in potent ways. No matter how many times I go back to my journal and meander through its pages, it still speaks loudly to me.I found my own style based on your format and process, and developed my own journaling habits with it. Asphyxia, I’m so grateful for your generous guidance and insight and creative abundance in leading me so skilfully through this process!’

Anyway, how lovely is that? If you want to try the course yourself, you’ll find it here.

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