Should cinemas offer open captions?

Look! Our push for open captions is in the Herald Sun newspaper! Let’s hope it raises some awareness about deaf access to movies. Palace Cinema claims they ran open captioned sessions in the past, but we didn’t know about them. How were they promoted? When were they? Did they really happen? Hmmm… Good news is we have meeting with MP Jenny Macklin on Thursday to discuss this issue. Let’s hope we see some action soon. And if you want to help, contact Palace and tell them you’d be happy to go to movies with open captions, even if you are hearing.

You can read this article here.


One thought on “Should cinemas offer open captions?

  1. Jacqueline morris

    I got in touch with the entertainment centre office and asked if there were any facilities for the deaf. I wanted to go and watch (good morning Mrs brown.) the answer was no. So no night out for me. I did go and see Mrs Brown’s boys but never heard a word of it. they did say maybe if you booked up for a seat in the first two rows you may hear. Not at them prices thank you.
    So I will give it a miss this time.



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