Learn Auslan – Times

Here are some signs about time:


• Time (this is the formal sign for time, like hands moving on a clock face)
• Time (sometimes Time is signed like this – think of pointing to a watch)
• Today/now (use the same sign for both words)
• Tomorrow
• Yesterday
• Day (like the sun coming up)
• Night (like the sun going down)
• Morning
• Tonight (today night – the sign used for ‘night’ here (fingers around the nose) is another common sign for ‘night’ and is often used for that word, especially in a context where you want to sign small, rather than doing big hand movements. For example, if you are tucked up in bed at night, saying good night to your partner, that’s the night to use.)
• Noon
• Afternoon (noon after)
• Later
• Soon
• Sometimes (in the video I did a few too many lifts of my hand – two movements would have been more correct – i.e. my right hand should go up and then down)

Since I’m heading offline for the rest of December and January, I’ll set up the next few Auslan lessons to be posted automatically. So you can check back here for your lessons as usual. For those of you who subscribe to my course, I won’t be sending any notifications via email while I’m gone. Just check back here each Monday and you’ll find your lesson.

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