Journal page

Travel Journal 2015-6

Here’s a page of my journal from the France leg of my trip overseas. It’s busy and there’s a lot going on here, but it holds a lot of memory triggers, which makes me feel happy every time I flip past it.

In my course, Make The Book Of Your Dreams, I teach how to make and use a journal like this. I have a Facebook group just for my students, and in that group I’ve pasted a detailed tutorial with step by step tips for how to create a page like this one.

You’ll find the course here. It would make a nice gift for a creative type and a fun project to sink your teeth into over the holidays.

2 thoughts on “Journal page

  1. Lazuli

    I have just purchased the Book of Your Dreams e-tutorials and inspiration. It is fantastic, really awesome, I’m so excited. I’ve looked at the videos read the instructions and dreaming in technicolor with ideas. Now I just need a little dream book by bed to capture my nocturnal mind.
    It’s a great gift. I bought it for myself because I’m having big changes in my life and I want any help I can get. Fun, I’m looking forward to you. Just gotta remember those creative dreams! Thanks Asphyxia.



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